Mix and Match : Summer Requisites.

Hello you all! Hope everyone’s having a great week.

Today I am going to change things up a little by presenting to you all two different summer outfits to deal with the heat comfortably in style!

Also, will be talking on ‘Mixing and Matching’ in the upcoming blog posts so watch this space to know why the trend is important.

Mixing and matching is an essential talent that every man must ace because it is that very thing which allows to make the most of your wardrobe with limited investment.

Utilising a pair chino shorts effectively, I teamed it up with a blazer-shirt combo and with a sailor T-shirt to give birth to two outfits which are easy as well as smart.

Weekend Brunch.

Curated an absolutely laid-back look by opting out for a black Polo T-shirt and a cool pair of sandals. It maintains a perfect balance between casual and semi-casual. This look can be worn for an evening out with guys.





Informal Friday.

For this look, I have paired a checkered blazer jacket over a smart casual shirt with plain chino shorts. On my feet are a pair of black tasseled loafers. Altogether, I have set up a confident and on-point option for an informal day at the office.




It is understandable that the choice of a dress code totally depends the company you work under. But why shouldn’t one avail the opportunity at a work place which does encourage a ‘business casual’ dress code?

Walk in with your head held high the next time you opt out for a pair of shorts to office on a Friday.

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Till then, Stay Dominant!

Here, the most crucial thing is to note that these pieces can replace each other accordingly and still look as appropriate.

For instance,

-You can wear the blazer over the T-shirt.

-The pair of tasseled loafers will look equally good when worn with the T-shirt and shorts combo.

-The shirt and short combo (without the blazer) is perfect for a date night.

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