Tuesday’s Head Turner ft. Kiehls 

Hi to all the lovely people out there! I hope everyone is in fine health.

My apologies for being MIA all this while. But the truth is my studies are keeping me away from the thing I love the most.

So coming back to today’s post, I have lately decided to centre my blog around men’s grooming and skincare, and thus this post is dedicated to Kiehl, established in circa 1851; a scientifically proven healthy approach  for a refreshed, restored skin. The products this veteran runned business offers act as advocates for a younger-looking, healthy and incandescent skin.Know everything about the original Kiehl’s pharmacy here.

Honestly, I’ve been facing a number of skin issues since a few months but have been continuously neglecting them. These include tanning,skin reactions due to allergies and a lot of pigmentation. Also, the shaky and uncertain weather here in Mumbai has spurred some changes in the complexion too. As my skin is really sensitive in nature and gets affected very easily and that it was already too late to stand up and act, I decided not to waste more time and take some immediate action. Thinking about the importance of daily skincare activities,Kiehl was the first name that struck my mind. I actually had never given a thought to invest in skincare consultation because skincare had never been my priority earlier and I was happy with the middling products I used all this while. But now that I was firm in getting  of all the skin problems I had, I visited the nearby Kiehl’s store the next day to check out what they had to offer and trust me, the kind of customer service I received by the store manager and the skin experts was just so overwhelming. I was completely flattered with the way they served right from the start till the moment I stepped out of the store.

The store manager first checked the nature of my skin and asked me about what all problems had I been facing this while.After checking my skin-type, she told me about the various flaws. According to these drawbacks, she then recommended me some best of Kiehl’s products. To try those out at home, she gave me a few samples of all those products  and I’ve been using them for a few days now. I have to tell y’all that there’s a drastic change in my skin after using them regularly for some days.

The results I’ve observed are such that my mornings haven’t been more fresh and my skin is becoming more and moe vibrant. My breakouts and the reactions on my face have also started reducing. When I come back home,my face now feels a lot less oily than before. The dark spots have been rapidly corrected and the skin tone has been clarified too. If you’re going through some similar skin problems then these are the products you should opt from your nearby Kiehl’s store right away :

1.Kiehl’s Facial Fuel – Energising Face Wash  :

  • Gel Cleanser
  • Removes dirt,surface oil and impurities without an over-drying effect.
  • Refreshes and wakens skin
  • Prepares the skin for a comfortable shave.

2.Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Uv Defense.

  • Helps to protect against sun damage.
  • Prevents skin Aging.
  • SPF 50 3.

3.Kiehl’s Corrective Dark spot Solution.

  • Deep visible correction.
  • Results in more radiant skin.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Clarifying skin tone.

4.Kiehl’s Re-texturizing Serum

  • Helps in disappearance of fine lines.
  • Reducing the look of dull,tired-looking skin.
  • Plumps skin.

The Facial Fuel and the dark spot solution are one of their best products. These are the most effective and appropriate products for Mumbai’s weather.Each and every individual has a different skin-type. In general, there are three major skin types and they are : oily,dry and combination. The people at Kiehl’s are very much aware about this uniqueness of everyone’s skin and hence before recommending anything,they first test your skin and then suggest you the required products. In my opinion, I would advice you to value your skin more  because a healthy skin is a healthy YOU! Go visit a nearby Kiehl’s store and get your skin checked and let them prescribe you the right products. Further, Kiehl’s has a wide variety of products for both men and women and a solution to all your skin problems. [Check out all men products here]


Here are some of the pictures we took during the store visit :




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