Living the ‘High Life’ featuring Alto Vida

Hello everyone out there, wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.Hope you all are in your good health.

I actually wanted to share this blog post with you all since a few weeks but couldn’t due to my mid-term exams. Anyway, quickly moving on to it so this quick blog post talks about my recent collaboration with Alto Vida – an Indian homegrown brand of ethical, high quality and original jewelery and accessories.{Click here to check out their complete collection}

A lot of people avoid accessorising or don’t consider it too important because they don’t really know what difference accessories make. That might be the I’ve come across the following question a lot of times and I’m finally taking this opportunity to answer it here in this post.

Why is Accessorising important?

Accessories (such as bags,wrist wear, jewelery, belts etc.) are actually a very small part of your entire attire but these small additions when done correctly make the biggest difference and hence, help you to stand out in a large number of people. Subtle additions which add to your outfit, actually add a voice to your exterior stylish personality. That’s why accessories are important. At a wedding reception or at work, you have to wear a particular kind of outfit every time which is more or less the same as the others are wearing and hence it is no longer an outfit, it actually is a uniform. So the bad side of wearing a uniform is that you end up looking like everyone else. Not, however, if you accessorise.

Dominant Display X Alto Vida Jewelery 

What I loved the most about Alto Vida is that it creates enduring and ethically hand crafted products which are inspired by real life instances, nature and high street fashion trends from around the world. Moreover, although most of their items are unisex, the brand even has a separate line for men and women. They have artfully styled collections with categories including that of rings,necklaces, a wide range of bracelets to anklets, headgear, festival accessories and so on.

Just after getting in touch with the brand and a few discussions about the collaboration, the package was soon shipped to me and was in my hand within no time. What I had ordered is a basic must-have ‘101 bracelet’ and ‘The Anchor Signet’ finger ring. Both of these items help us step up our hand swag.

101 Bracelet :

The role of a bracelet is to tell to make your outfit look more distinct than the others and to symbolise that you are not in that outfit just because you have to but you have taken efforts to make that outfit look good by the medium of a bracelet. That’s what bracelets do, they actually are a social ‘proof’. The type of bracelets you should opt for depends entirely on your outfit. If you’re in a suit and a tie then probably a metallic bracelet will look good on it and if you’re mostly in a T-shirt/tropical shirt paired over a trouser/jogger pant then a basic rope,leather and bead sorts of bracelets will be better for you.

So, the 101 bracelet which I chose is as essential as 101 and cannot get more basic than this. It has a free size adjustable closure and can be worn own its own or with other pieces.The incredible elegance this piece portrayed was more than enough to stack it with other pieces hence, I paired it own its own.

The Anchor Signet Finger Ring  :

Rings were worn in the ancient times by the kings and emperors to display power and strength. They usually represent something significant as men usually don’t go out in the store and buy a ring for themselves unless received as a special gift from someone on an occassion.

Talking about the second accessory I chose, the Anchor Signet ring has an embossed anchor motif and is made of brass. It is absolutely a stunning piece of accessory you all should own. A Signet ring is an early but long-lasting form of jewellery which is used to seal important documents and is also useful in showing that security and identification must grow together in order to have any function.

Quick Guide :

  • Think about why need accessories for.
  • Don’t ever over accessorise.
  • Bag packs are great for work. Choose one for your needs.
  • Invest in good quality sunglasses/wayferers. They are expensive yet one of the most ‘Value for money’ items.
  • Bracelets really make a great difference in casual and day-to-day outfits.
  • Watches are practical and classic. Try them out more often if you aren’t.

I have teamed up a white shirt layered with a wind jacket from Zara over black skinnies. Here’s how I accessorised this outfit with the two items from Alto Vida or the ‘High Life’ 🙂

Check how I put things together and tell me what you think about it :


FullSizeRender 26.jpg

Click here to get the finger ring I’m wearing and here to get the bracelet I’m wearing.

Also, you can get the Anchor Signet ring in 925 silver,14k and 18k gold.

To order, visit :

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Till then,

Stay Dominant!


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