The new jeans

Today, I’m going to talk about Jogger pants which are currently one of the most versatile bottom wear items in Mens fashion.The once sportswear staple has undergone a transformation, creating a name for itself as a casual and contemporary essential for men.

Joggers have in no time become a must-have in almost every men’s wardrobe mainly because of their capability to create literally all sorts of attires,from a formal one to the most relaxed outfit.  I often stress on mismatching different pieces and trying them out with each other to get some new outfit every time but trust me, if you try doing the same with a jogger pant(the suitable type of) kept aside as a bottom wear  for all outfits, you’ll definitely end up getting atleast one desired look.

So how are these capable of making any get-up look so effortless and great every time? It’s mostly because of the variety and options it has.While at first glance there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variety to this on trend item, it’s actually more adaptable than you’d think, and there are a lot of different styles you can go for. The following are the type of outfits you can create with a jogger with ease :

  • Casual – Simply with a slim fit crew cut tee and trainers.
  • Smart- Casual(ish) – Tailored joggers, or sweatpants. Choose the right one but,don’t go for a one which is too tight.
  • Formal-  A short sleeved shirt with a pair of plain joggers, finished off with some neutral plimsolls or boat shoes.
  • Polo shirt – This is not the outfit for that important job meeting, but it is a good alternative to casual chinos and a t-shirt look, and joggers can go surprisingly well with a neat long sleeved oxford shirt.

Coming to my look now, to make it formal a bit, I have teamed up a henley t-shirt which goes perfectly with my body with a chino like jogger pant having an elastic at the bottom. This is that kind of outfit which very well suits a movie  or a night out with friends. You can keep the look formal without sacrificing any of the comfort you’ve come to expect from a well-worn pair of sweats.

No accessories needed!

Have a look at it and please do tell me how you like it in the comments section below.


Chino like jogger pant from Aura the Hub. Shop now! 1

Long sleeve organic cotton henley t-shirt in white


Toms espadrilles (All sizes available)


Outfit – Aura the Hub

Henley T-shirt- 895/-

Jogger pants – 1995/-

Toms- 895

Contact #9594090800/ to place orders or for any other queries:)

  • No exchanhge
  • No refund


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  1. vivalaViv says:

    Less is more as they often say.., this minimal look is so chic!!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Really appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

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