A Semi Formal look with Aura the Hub

Hey guys, quick blog post showcasing a semi formal look in collaboration with Aura the Hub.

If you’re going for a meeting, to work (on a Friday especially), to a daytime event ,to dinner parties or to a wedding then this is the sort of attire you’ll be best in. By this, I don’t mean that this is the only kind of look you should wear. What I’m trying to say is that a semi-formal look is the type of look which has enough room to experiment things.So the outfit which I’m showcasing today is something with which you have enough space to explore and play with. Semi formal is a very flexible dress code. Do whatever you want to but don’t underdress. I’m saying this because this dress code is a little confusing too and people often end up in a fix between two items. In all cases, you should always opt for the one which is more formal.

Here are a few examples to begin with ( specially on  weddings) :

  • Combine a plain light shirt with your suit.
  • Tie is optional; but you should stay away from anything too loud.
  • Wear a leather belt and a pair of leather shoes that matches the color of your suit. Combine your shoes with plain and dark colored socks.
  • As far as accessories are concerned, wear a watch and stick to a minimal look.
  • Leave your tux at home.
  • Always go for a bespoke suit which fits you perfectly.

According to the occassion, you could choose between other layers like jackets and blazers. Also, avoid darker shades for a daytime event.Remember,the later the event is, the darker your suit should be!

I haven’t paired my outfit with a jacket as I wanted to emphasise more on a look which is  appropriate for a dinner party and other similar casual events but as I mentioned earlier, never ever ditch your suits/blazers if you want to dress semi-formal to official and formalistic events.

Coming to the footwear, I have paired my outfit with full brogues and let me tell you’ll Brogues are my all time favourites. Chinos and denim are also a great choice with a brogue style shoe. Pair things together neatly with a matching belt and keep the colours matching and pair brown with brown, and black with black just like I have.

Here’s what I put together that day :


Shirt from Allsaints Spatifields  (Available sizes S,M,L)


Tapered Navy blue chino (Available sizes 30,32,34)

57 (1)

Tan Brogues (All sizes available)

54 (1)


50 (1)


Contact #9594090800 for placing orders.

  • No exchange.
  • Cash on delivery all over India.
  • Limited stock only!


Shirt – 1495

All saints Tapered navy blue trousers – 2295

Brogues – 2000

Outfit – Aura the Hub



2 Comments Add yours

  1. vivalaViv says:

    Your yellow mustard/tanned belt and shoes stole the show for me in this ensemble!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really happy to hear that 🙂 Thanks a ton.

      Liked by 1 person

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