Going floral featuring Greenhill Garment

Hello guys, I hope you all are having a great weekend. Today’s post features a floral print slim fit shirt from The Greenhill Garment paired with a white chino from the house of Zara. I’ve put together this semi-formal outfit for a day out for dinner or paired with a blazer for a meeting.

I’m emphasising on the floral print in today’s blog post. I would like to tell you all that usually you’d associate floral prints with middle aged men,as a holiday shirt only but this trend can actually be mastered with ease. Also, the floral isn’t for the Summer only. But nowadays, we are made available to a lot of incorporated floral patterns to suit every season.

Here are a few very important things to be aware about before you don a floral pattern with confidence :

 ONE –

Fashion is all about personal expression,so it’s important that you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing.

TWO – 

Avoid bright and summery looks for the Autumn and Winter months – go for navy blues, greys, dark browns and purples. This can be a great way of using the floral print in a smart way.


Limit your floral prints. To be able to pull off this style, limit the use of it in any outfit. Have only one item of clothing featuring this pattern, and it’ll stand out nicely while  complimenting the rest of your outfit.

Check out more from The Greenhill Garment’s one of a kind collection at http://www.greenhillgarment.com/shop.php

Here’s how I showcased my floral print dominantly  :



Photos – Anuj Gogari

Maroon Floral – The Greenhill Garment

White chinos – Zara

Suede loafers – Zara


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