Attacking the rain

Hey there! I hope that everyone’s having a great day. Turning things up a bit today. Nothing beats down the spirit like a rainy day. But not for me. Some of my favorite clothing is built for the rain. Today’s look is best for a run in the rain and standing out in the crowd on a wet day.

I have paired a long-sleeved unlined woven windbreaker in black ,featuring a toggled drawstring hood over a running jersey with the basic common jogger pants from Zara.This kind of look definitely helps us keep ourselves dry throughout. You can also ditch joggers and instead wear rain pants and they will be good to go with trainers.

Invest in a lightweight, waterproof shell jacket to break the wind this rainy season —not necessarily one that’s marketed to runners—to stay dry on cold, rainy runs and during other rainy day activities. These jackets may not breathe as well as running-specific ones, but they are best at keeping rain out.

Windbreaker jackets are all the rage this season,here’s how I went bold to attack the rain.










Windbreaker jacket with hood – Forever men

Running jersey in black – Nike

Joggers – Zara



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