Keeping it Simple

Hi all! Quick blog post featuring Superdry and Mango.

It’s perfectly fine to ditch your trousers in favour of shorts this monsoon. But tread with caution, because they can be tricky to carry off. As its really a difficult task to decide what to wear where,how short is too short and what accessories you can pair it with.

You can choose these shorts probably when you’re about to be late and you need to really trust your clothes to look good without any serious effort from you. Given an option, I would anytime opt for such shorts this rainy season because it takes no time to get dressed and also, you don’t have to engage your brain in it.

Honestly,after trying it I realised that this attire genuinely made me feel very comfortable and relaxed today for a couple of evening errands. I also took my wayfarers with me today for when the rains play truant.


If none of the above styles take your fancy, then maybe it’s best to go back to basics. Black denim shorts are probably the easiest to style as you can throw on any coloured top and you’re good to go.

Check out my look for the evening and tell me whether you’ll like it in the comments section below 🙂





Long-sleeved tee – Superdry

Shorts – Mango Man

H & M cap

Wayfarers – Fastrack







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