I don’t know about you guys, but I have almost an entire drawer full of old tank tops that I rarely wear anymore. But why throw them out just because you think you have no place where you can don them?

The beach is definitely the place when there is time to spare,relax and lay down your burden.So take your tank tops out of your wardrobe this summer season. Team them up with joggers and trainers.

Today,I have paired up my U.S Polo Assn. vest with these super-comfy Jogger pants from Aeropostale.

U.S. Polo Assn. has popularized  the authenticity of sportswear while blending vintage American fashion with the collection. Expanding their forte in a range of clothing essentials, here comes their exclusive assortment of innerwear and loungewear to merge relaxed yet sporty styles into your wardrobe.

Also,these A87 Jogger Sweatpants keep you looking casual.Thanks to a soft fleece construction, they provide comfort worthy of a champion; printed “A87” text adds a cool signature twist.


There’s a huge number of ways you can dress your jogger and tank tops differently, from smart to casual looks that will have you experimenting with styles, textures, fits and colours. Remember, if your outfit doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t, but there are a number of pieces that don’t seem like they’ll go together but will surprise you with how well they fit. There’s not as many rules as you think, so don’t be afraid to try things out.





















Navy blue vest – U.S Polo Assn.

Aeropostale joggers

Wayfarers – Ray Ban

Retro red and blue cap – Superdry

















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