White and Denim

The best thing to do when you have enough time is to shoot some decent photographs and that is exactly what I did when I and a friend of mine were on our way for a casual outing.

Ever since I started blogging I desperately wanted to showcase this piece which I got from #Zara in Mumbai.

Your shirts are not meant to be kept aside thinking this is not the right time to enrobe them. Remember,if you try pairing your shirts differently with jeans/shorts and boat shoes or slip-ons to add to the look,you will always end up getting a perfect casual look for a not so formal day at work or a day out with friends and family.

If you are bored wearing formal attires,flaunt dominance  wearing this casual shirt by Zara that showcases a classy interplay of white and black hues.While the chic print adds an element of fashion to this slim-fit shirt,the fine cotton fabric further promises ultimate comfort.




Shirt – Zara

Skinny-fit jeans -Aeropostale

Apricot Slip on – Ralph Lauren

Photography – Anuj Gogari


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